Building Department

Building Department Hours:  9:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday through Friday
Building Official:  Ken Pike (Safebuilt)
Building Department Clerk: Tara Schreiber (Safebuilt) 
Building Plan Review/Building Inspections: Daryl Hunt (Safebuilt)
Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector: Russ Walker (Safebuilt)
Electrical Inspector: Joe Konja (Safebuilt)
(248) 437-5255

The Building Department enforces the rules and regulations set forth in the City Code of Ordinances regarding inspection and approval of all construction in South Lyon. It also enforces compliance with all local ordinances.

The South Lyon mailing address covers the City of South Lyon and 4 surrounding townships. This call can save time, mileage and paperwork.
For questions concerning building and permit requirements or to schedule an inspection, call the Building Department
at (248) 437-5255. Please schedule inspections with 24 hour notice.  All inspections requested after 1:00 pm will be scheduled on the next business day.  Inspection services are not available Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
Forms and Applications: 
Building Permits: Building permits are issued by the City of South Lyon Building Department. A permit is required before work can proceed on new construction, additions, sprinklers, a deck, driveways or on many remodeling projects.
It is important to note that in addition to construction, a permit may also be required for electrical, plumbing and mechanical work. Building Department staff can tell you if your planned project is in compliance with the City's zoning ordinance, and if a permit will be required. If you will be making any exterior changes to your property, it is also advisable to contact your homeowners association (if applicable) to ensure that your plans comply with association requirements.
Starting September 1, 2022, permits to install sump pump drain line will require a plumbing permit and must be inspected. The plumbing permit may be applied for by an excavator, same as the sewer connection and water tap.
Payment: We accept payment in the form of credit/debit card, cash, checks or money order. At this time we are not accepting building department or planning and zoning submissions and payments online.