Founded in 1879, the South Lyon Cemetery has been and remains an important part of the community. For more information about the Cemetery contact City Hall at (248) 437-1735.

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General Information:

I. Burials

a. All interments are limited to deceased human remains.
b. Method of internment:
1. All opening and closings of burial sites will be performed by employees of the City of South Lyon or authorized contract.
2. All burials will be in approved vaults.
3. Cremains shall not be scattered on any burial site, drive or open area. They shall be interred in a durable container on an authorized burial site.4. Interment of cremains is restricted to four per burial site. If the site has a casket interment in place, only one cremains shall be permitted on that site.
c. Limitation on times, special charges:
1. No burials will be permitted on Sundays and Holidays (New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Presidents Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, day after Thanksgiving, Christmas eve and Christmas day).
2. No cremation burial on weekends or holidays.
3. Burials which occur after 3:00 p.m. shall be charged the weekend rate.
4. City shall receive not less than 48 hour notice of date and time for burial.
II. Monuments

a. All monuments or markers shall be placed in an area of the burial site designated for placement of monuments and markers.
b. If a second monument or marker is desired, it shall be placed at the foot of the burial site flush with the ground.
c. All monuments and markers will be placed on approved concrete foundations. The foundation can be either precast or poured in place and will be a minimum of 4 inches in depth (depending on monument size) and will extend a minimum of 3 inches on all sides of the monument.
d. All monuments and markers shall be located on the site as staked or approved by City employees.
e. All stones must be placed at the head of the grave facing west, so that the names on the markers can be read from the front of the cemetery (with the exception of Section 8 which is a combination of headstone/footstone graves).
f. The City accepts no responsibility for the damage, loss or disappearance of any monument, statue, plaque, marker, decoration or other item placed upon or left at grave sites.

III. Plantings, Floral Items, Statues, Vigil Lights and Other Types of Commemorative Items

a. Monuments, plantings, statues, vigil lights and other types of commemorative items are permitted on a burial site in limited number, but shall not exceed 3 1/2' wide by 3 1/2' deep (headstone area). There will be no other plantings or items of any type on the grave or adjoining walkways. This planted area will be maintained by family members. They will be removed by the City of South Lyon when they fall into disrepair and are no longer used, or interfere with normal operation and maintenance of burial site which they are located in or any adjacent burial site. Violation of this section shall result in the removal of items without notice.
b. Fresh cut or artificial flowers may be placed on burial sites at any time. They will be removed when they become unsightly or fade. Plastic or metal containers may be used. Glass containers of any type are prohibited.
c. Christmas wreaths and grave blankets are permitted beginning at Thanksgiving and will be removed no later than March 15th.
d. In Sections 7 & 8, family member graves tending practices in effect as of November 1, 1990 shall be permitted to continue so long as said practices meet care standard of the Cemetery. If a grave falls into disrepair, is no longer used, or such practices interfere with normal operations and maintenance of burial sites, the City of South Lyon reserves the right to remove any material placed on a grave site where such material becomes unsightly or prevents maintenance of surrounding grave sites.
e. The City accepts no responsibility for the damage, loss or disappearance of any decoration or other item placed upon or left at grave sites.


The South Lyon Cemetery is located at the end of Stryker Street in South Lyon, MI 48178.

Directions from I-96:

Exit 155 (155A from I-96 West)
Turn right onto Pontiac Trail/Milford Road. until you come to a dead end at 10 Mile Road.
Turn right onto 10 Mile and follow until it becomes Lake Street.
Turn left onto Reynold Sweet Parkway.
Stryker Street will be on your left shortly after you turn onto Reynold Sweet Parkway.


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Fees: (Part of the City of South Lyon Fee Schedule as adopted by City Council October 2016.)

NOTE: All grave site sales are final. The City of South Lyon does not re-purchase or exchange graves after a deed is issued.

Sale of Graves
Resident: $550.00
Non-Resident: $1000.00
Infant Graves (Section 8) - Resident: $200.00
Infant Graves (Section 8) - Non-Resident: $350.00

Opening/Closing Fees (Weekdays before 2 pm)
Adult Resident: $500.00
Adult Non-Resident: $800.00
Child Resident: $350.00
Child Non-Resident: $450.00
Infant Resident: $250.00
Infant Non-Resident: $350.00

Saturday or Weekday after 2 pm Open/Close Fees
Adult Resident: $600.00
Adult Non-Resident: $900.00
Child Resident: $450.00
Child Non-Resident: $550.00
Infant Resident: $350.00
Infant Non-Resident: $450.00

Cremation Open/Closing Fees (Weekdays Only)
Resident: $150.00
Non-Resident: $250

Monument Foundations (Precast Concrete foundations.)
20" x 60”: $130.00
20” X 54”: $110.00
20” X 36”: $85.00
20” X 42”: $100.00
10” X 48”: $110.00
Vet Base - 4 Hole  $60
All government markers: $95.00

All other sizes will be quoted individually

Cemetery Layout: You can download a map of the Cemetery Plot Map: Sections 1-9 (PDF) and Section 10 (PDF). Please note that this map is not to scale and is intended for the purpose of determining position or help in locating graves only. The City is currrently selling plots in Section 10 of the cemetery. This map is updated periodically. For the most up-to-date information on availability, please contact the Clerk's Office at (248) 437-1735.

Burial Request Form: Download the Request to Open or Close a Grave Form (PDF).