Quality Economic Development is a high priority for the City of South Lyon. The City’s Economic Development Program activities are now under the direction of the Economic Development & Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Director, Nathan Mack, whose position was created in 2016. The purpose of the City’s Overall Economic Development Program is to maximize the economic development potential of all commercial and industrial property in the City (in and outside of the DDA) while adhering to the City’s Zoning Ordinance and the new Community Master Plan.  At the same time, the ED/DDA Director serves as an ombudsman, providing technical services, market data, referrals to appropriate City Administration Staff, departments, boards and commissions, and other information and assistance as appropriate to business and property owners. Continued success requires a coordinated team effort by the City Administration, all departments and staff as well as City Council and all Boards & Commissions. The goal is to always seek, provide and maintain a business friendly environment and a positive personal experience for each existing and potential new business in the City.

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The ED/DDA Director also oversees the day to day activities of the DDA and is responsible for managing all aspects of the Downtown. The DDA District surrounds the core, historic downtown (see map)and extends from its center at the intersection of Lake Street (Ten Mile Road) and Lafayette (Pontiac Trail): North on Lafayette to the railroad tracks: South to Reynolds-Sweet Parkway: West Lake Street for one-half block; and, East Lake Street to Wells Street. The DDA’s goal is to maximize the economic potential of the Downtown and DDA District while preserving the Downtown’s unique qualities and sense of place. The DDA will also be involved in business retention and recruitment activities as part of the Main Street Program. Promotions and marketing activities (beyond just special events), Design, Project Financing Options & Packaging, and other economic development activities will be administered in a team approach that welcomes community involvement to engage volunteers from the vast variety of talent embodied in the City’s residents and businesses. Work plans are an essential tool to respect and manage all aspects of volunteer involvement, with specific needed tasks and time frames for volunteer commitment. Volunteer will know exactly what is expected of them and how their talents meet the needs of individual projects. This adds to the successful sense of accomplishment for all parties concerned.

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Main Street Program:

The Main Street Program is an ongoing, community involved, historic preservation based, flexible, downtown management strategy. It is a coordinating and facilitating program that relies upon close communication with a wide variety of existing resources. It partners with and utilizes the resources of the City Administration, City Departments, Boards & Commissions. It respects the individual roles and responsibilities of those partners while focusing them in a team effort lead by the DDA Director through the DDA, to collectively manage the downtown. Main Street is a trademarked program of Main Street America, a program of the National Main Street Center. Downtown South Lyon became an “Affiliate” Member of the Main Street Oakland County (MSOC) Program in October, 2016. MSOC administers the national trademark for South Lyon’s participation and provides all related technical services. For more detailed information go to: MainStreetOaklandCounty.com

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Community-wide Activity:

The ED/DDA Director coordinates all other Commercial and Industrial economic development activity city-wide, outside of the DDA: primarily north on Pontiac Trail to just north of Eleven Mile Road and south on Pontiac Trail, to just south of Nine Mile Road, for a distance of approximately 2.5 miles total. Industrial property is primarily located at Mc Hattie and McMunn Streets, North and South Mill Street and an undeveloped industrial park on S. Dixboro Road. There are a few other small, isolated commercial and industrial properties in the City. The ED/DDA director is now preparing a comprehensive list of potential business incentive programs at the Local, County, State, Federal and Private levels.

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Additional Information:


For DDA and general, City-wide Economic Development information and inquiries contact Nathan Mack at 248.437.1735 or nmack@southlyonmi.org