' Records Unit

Contact Us:

219 Whipple St. South Lyon, MI 48178
Phone #: 248-437-1773 
Fax #: 248-437-0459

Hours of Operations:
M-Th: 9am-5pm
Friday: 8am-4pm


  • Request a Copy of a Report: to request a copy of a report that has already been made with an Officer, please fill out this FOIA form and email the completed signed copy to Lt. Sederlund at sederlundc@southlyonpolice.com. Under the Freedom of Information Act, all reports have personal information redacted per state law. Please allow up to five business days to process your report request. If you are requesting more than one report the department may call you to request a deposit. We accept exact cash and checks only. 
  • Traffic Crash Reports: Obtain a copy of your accident here.
  • License to Purchase a Pistol: If you live in the City of South Lyon, do not have a CPL and are purchasing a gun from a private party, just moved to South Lyon from another State, or inherited a gun from someone, you will need to come into our station to fill out an application Mon-Fri 9am-4pm. The background is typically completed within three business days. If approved for a license, you will need to come to the station to pick it up. There will be a copy for the purchaser, one for the seller, and one that will have to come back to the police department. There is no fee for this.
  • Pistol Sales Records: Anyone can drop off a pistol sales records 24/7 by utilizing our drop box located by the front door. If you have a CPL you can obtain a copy of the pistol sales record form here.
  • Local Records Checks: If you are needing a local record check for adoption or international purposes, you will need to appear in person with a valid driver’s license. You must live in the city limits. There is no fee for this.
  • Michigan Criminal History Records: Anyone can obtain a copy of a person’s Michigan criminal history by clicking here.  
  • Obtain a PPO (Personal Protection Order): Head to Oakland County Circuit Court webpage here.
  • Apply for your Concealed Pistol License: Oakland County Clerk can process this request. Click here for more information. ** We can not do CPL fingerprints**